Language Weaver Update - June 2024

Language Weaver Update - June 2024

Hi all,

I'm happy to share that new capabilities and enhancements have been deployed in Language Weaver this month.

New capabilities include:

  • Document Watermarking is now supported for Office Documents, PDF and structured content (XML, HTML)
    • Watermarking can be enabled by Admins under Settings / Account Settings in the Translation section

    • Once enabled, the watermark is displayed in the footer of the output document

  • Reporting UI Update with a redesigned Usage Summary
    • New Usage Summary

New Adaptation summaries with number of trainings performed and number of stored/deployed models.

  • Allow download of original or edited version of a document from the Translate page and Feedback Editor
    • Once a document has been opened in the feedback editor, it is now possible to download either the edited version or the original version.

Click on the arrow on the right to access the download link to the original MT version of the document

  • Support for sdlxliff, xlf, tif, mhtml and mht file formats
  • Zendesk plugin is now available from the Extensions tab


  • Auto Adaptive Language Pair Test Data is now automatically extracted from the Input data
  • Accessibility Improvements. Multiple Accessibility enhancements have been introduced as we are committed to make Language Weaver products more accessible and compliant with local accessibility regulations. 
    • Add a text alternative for non-text content
    • Use landmarks for the app sections
    • Increase contrast ratio for text
    • Increase contrast ratio for non-text content
    • Link field sets to their group label
    • Allow text to resize
    • Allow scrolling inside filters area
    • Allow scrolling inside topbar menu when zoom is set to 400%
    • Allow scrolling inside the notifications modal
    • Fixed filtering not working as expected when zooming in to 200%
    • Fixed button tooltips cover neighbour buttons on 200% zoom in
    • Fixed Notifications modal is not fully displayed on small screens and horizontal scroll is not working

Security Improvements

  • Added new http security headers

I hope you'll enjoy these new features and enhancements. If you have any questions, please use the Community forum or contact your account manager.

Thank you