Recovery- Send to BeGlobal MT in TMS


You are using a Workflow with Send to BeGlobal MT stage and you notice that a task/s are going into Recovery with the following error message;

Task: xxxxx failed while being sent to the MT Engine. The last reported error was: ex.StackTrace: at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)


Root Cause

Bilingual file in TGT folder fails to create. A .BAK file is present instead.

Solution: Submit the task back through the Workflow starting with Scan/Pre-processing

1) Locate the task/s that are in Recovery by navigating to your Inbox in SDL TMS.

2) Now, select the Task Count icon;

3) Select the Filename and use the Modify Step pane to Modify the step back to the start of the Workflow.

4) Now, click on Modify Step.

5) Finally, navigate back to task history and view the task moving through the Workflow steps successfully.