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Language Weaver integrates ABBYY for Enhanced PDF conversion

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Language Weaver now integrates ABBYY for Enhanced PDF conversion.

PDF is a one of the most frequently used exchange formats for documents. To enable translation, Language Weaver first extracts the text from the PDF with an integrated conversion application. Our standard PDF conversion application works well for wide variety of PDFs, for example European languages. Complex languages such as Asian and middle-Eastern and scanned documents often demand an enhanced level of processing. To facilitate this we have partnered with ABBYY, an acknowledged leader in the field, to offer ABBYY as a fully integrated option in Language Weaver.

When the option is activated, Language Weaver will select, based on your content, the best conversion engine (our standard engine or ABBYY). Or you can enforce the use of a specific engine.

When a PDF is processed, a new icon will be displayed with the conversion engine used (STANDARD or ABBYY):

Icon indicating PDF conversion using the STANDARD engine in Language Weaver.or Icon indicating PDF conversion using the ABBYY engine in Language Weaver. 

 This is a paid option that will require activation on your account. Please speak with your Language Weaver Account Manager about pricing and any further questions you may have.

Thank you!

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