Language Weaver now supports "Labels" for translations

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Language Weaver now supports 'Labels' for translations.

A label can be anything meaningful to your business needs such as a project identifier (i.e. Project Code, Project Purpose), beneficiary name etc. Once applied, Labels will allow Language Weaver account administrators to track usage based on personalized, pre-defined categories and offer an enhanced possibility to customize throughput consumption statistics.

How to use Labels

As a Language Weaver account administrator, go to 'Settings' > 'Labels' > 'Create Label':

Once 'Labels' are defined by the administrators, on the 'Translate' page, users can use the button '+Add Label' to assign one or multiple labels to their translation jobs.

Click on '+ Add Label':

Then select one or multiple labels:

Selected label(s) will automatically be assigned to the next documents submitted for translation:

Administrators can also create labels directly from the '+ Add Label' button option in the Translate page.

Useful to know: Only Administrators can create 'Labels' while end-users (Translators and Linguists) can apply pre-defined labels.

In the Custom Report, a new filter option is available to display volumes translated per label.

In this release:

  • Only Administrators can create 'Labels'. The '+ Add Label' button will only be available to end-users (Translators and Linguists) once at least one label has been defined.
  • Labels can only be assigned to Documents Translations (also known as Asynchronous Translations).
  • Labels must be selected before the translation is performed, and can't be removed after the translation has been done and they can’t be applied retroactively. 
  • Deleting a label will prevent users from assigning the label to their translation jobs - but labels will still be available for selection in the reporting.

We hope you'll enjoy this new feature, and we are looking forward to getting your feedback on it and reviewing any Feature Enhancements requests.