Language Weaver Extensions for macOS

Hello All,

Is there any plan to introduce Language Weaver Extensions for the following:

- MS Office macOS

- MS Teams

- MS Office Web

Thank you!


  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, we are currently working on supporting the latest Microsoft Addin technology for our MS Office extensions. This will allow us to support not only Windows versions of Office, but also the MacOS and the online versions of Office.

    The current plan is to have a beta ready for Word and/or Outlook by the end of the quarter (Q3 22), and have a full extension ready by the end of the year. We would be happy to share a beta version with you as soon as it is available in order to get your feedback.

    We are also working on MS Teams support. We have successfully completed a proof of concept and we are now ready to start the design of this extension. I'm expecting to have a beta version before the end of the year. We will also be happy to hear about your use case and how you would like to see Language Weaver integrated in Teams so we can incorporate it in our initial design.

    Thank you!


  • Thank you; this is all good news. Concerning our applications in TEAMS, there are essentially 2 high level use cases. The first is a direct replacement for the contextual translation provided by the Microsoft Translate widget. This widget is available pretty much anywhere a conversation exists in Teams, including (but not limited to) Channel conversations, Chats, Meeting Chats, and so on. 

    The second use case is much more advanced, and this would be to provide real time translation to live meeting transcriptions. I am happy to go more in depth on any of this as may be needed.