All translations stop at 90%, new issue.

Worked Friday, now all documents stop at 90%. Have tried several PDFs, switched browsers to an installation of Chrome that I never use for anything (on Edge normally). Same result. Tried multiple documents, same outcome.

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  • Hello Helen,


    One of our components was performing slower affecting files submitted for translation. The issue has been remedied. Please let me know if you are seeing any further files not completing. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Should you encounter any further problem, I recommend logging a support ticket via our support portal indicating the issue encountered, the account ID, the type of files you are trying to translate and language pair(s) used. Our support staff will investigate and provide assistance typically at a faster pace than what we can ensure via the community channel. In case you don’t have support access rights, you can reach out to your Language Weaver portal admin and request for a ticket to be raised on your behalf.


    Thank you,