Abbyy OCR options in Language Weaver

Hello all,

Please, can you advise which Abbyy version is Language Weaver currently using? Abbyy has recently introduced some AI-enhancements, so I was wondering whether Language Weaver is using that version of Abbyy.

Also, would it be possible to create a source OCR in Language Weaver, too? If the option is already there and I have somehow overlooked it, could you please point me to the right settings?

Thank you :)


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  • Hi  ,

    thank you so much for your answer, it was really helpful :) 

    As for the second question about OCR source, I'm not sure if I phrased it correctly, so I'll try again. I didn't mean to use a different OCR source, but rather use Language Weaver solely for OCR-ing a file - e.g. when I drag'n'drop a PDF file in Language Weaver, it will translate the PDF and I can download a Word target file, already translated. I was wondering whether it is possible to also download just the OCR-ed source file, though. Sometimes, the client is interested not only in translation and outputs, but also in the source itself, usually when they only have a scanned PDF document.

    Thank you again for your help