Tmx upload for adaptation of MT fails

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create an Adapted LP on Language Weaver. I am using a trial version.

In the portal, I go to Settings - Language Pairs - Create adapted LP. I would like to upload a tmx file as Adaptation set. The tmx is well-formed (version 1.4). However, the upload keeps failing.

Do you have any idea what might be the problem? The size is 200.000 segments.This is an example of the structure (sorry, I could not reproduce the indentation):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<tmx version="1.4">
<header creationtool="SDL Language Platform" creationtoolversion="8.1" o-tmf="SDL TM8 Format" datatype="xml" segtype="sentence" adminlang="de-DE" srclang="de-DE" creationdate="20240213T103637Z" creationid="XXXX">
<prop type="x-Recognizers">RecognizeAll</prop>
<prop type="x-IncludesContextContent">True</prop>
<prop type="x-TMName">TEST</prop>
<prop type="x-TokenizerFlags">DefaultFlags</prop>
<prop type="x-WordCountFlags">DefaultFlags</prop>
<tu creationdate="20240213T103649Z" creationid="XXXX" changedate="20240213T103649Z" changeid="XXXX" lastusagedate="20240213T103649Z">
<prop type="x-LastUsedBy">XXXX</prop>
<prop type="x-Origin">TM</prop>
<prop type="x-OriginalFormat">Unknown</prop>
<prop type="x-ConfirmationLevel">ApprovedSignOff</prop>
<tuv xml:lang="de-DE">
<seg>Der Ausschuss für Tierarzneimittel (CVMP) der Agentur gelangte zu dem Schluss, dass der Nutzen gegenüber den Risiken überwiegt, und empfahl, es zur Anwendung in der EU zuzulassen.</seg>
<tuv xml:lang="it-IT">
<seg>Il comitato per i medicinali veterinari (CVMP) dell'Agenzia ha concluso che i benefici sono superiori ai rischi e ha raccomandato che ne venisse approvato l'uso nell'UE.</seg>

Thank you for your help!

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