Feedback Editor: New in Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2

Feedback Editor: New in Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2

Hi all,

We are going to release Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2 in the coming days. With this new release, we’re introducing the Feedback Editor.

The Feedback Editor allows users to easily provide real-time, direct feedback to our MT output by suggesting better translations at document-level, directly and natively within the Language Weaver Edge secure environment.

All user provided improvements are captured through our built-in, automatic feedback loop mechanism, and the resulting translation enhancements are available to all users immediately.

Administrators can now trust their users by default and put them in the AI driver seat by enabling automatic approval of feedback based on user roles, using the new User Roles Permissions Customization page.

By securely and natively collecting more feedback from all of your users, you can leverage the power of Auto Adaptive LPs to get your models constantly updated with your own data, including dictionaries and uploaded Translation Memories, if available.

How to enable Feedback Editor in Edge?

To enable Feedback Editor in Edge and make it available to users, you first need to enable it for specific roles. By default, the Feedback Editor is only available to Admins and Super Admins.

To make it available to other user roles (Linguists and Translators), login as an Admin and go to Manage -> Users and click on the “Roles” tab on the left hand side.

Then click “Edit, and tick the relevant boxes for the permission “Access Feedback Editor” - see an example below where Feedback Editor has been enabled for “Translator” and “Linguist” Roles:

In addition, you also have the option to customize the “Auto Approve Feedback” and decide which role will get its feedback automatically approved when submitted. In the above example, users with the role “Linguist” will have their suggested translations automatically approved, while feedback submitted by users with the role “Translator” will need to be approved by a subject matter expert.

How to use Feedback Editor in Language Weaver Edge?

Once Feedback Editor has been enabled for specific roles, users will be able to access the Feedback Editor from the Language Weaver Edge User Interface. After a document has been uploaded and translated, a new action is available, represented by a pencil icon.

When clicking on the edit button, the feedback editor opens within the Language Weaver Edge portal.

The feedback editor will display all segments of the source document on the left, side by side with their translated output in the target language on the right. User will be able edit and make changes in the MT output by suggesting better translations.

For each edited segment, it is possible to revert to the original MT version by using the revert button displayed on the right side of the target segment.

It is possible to search and filter through segments to easily find specific content and terms and implement changes.

Navigation can be done with the keyboard only, providing a smooth and efficient editing experience.

Once all changes are applied, it is possible to download the output version of the document, in its original format by clicking the “Download” button available at the top of the screen.

All changes are automatically stored as feedback. Based on automatic approval rules, applicable feedback will be automatically approved, and the suggested translation will be automatically used the next time the same source segment is translated using Language Weaver Edge.

Good to know:

  • Once the feedback editor has been opened from the "Translate" page or the "Translation Queue" page, it is possible to make edits and download the updated version from within the feedback editor using the download button.
  • When closing the editor, the download options available from the "Translate" page or the "Translation Queue" will allow you to download the machine translated version only, without any edits. If you want to download your edited version, use the "Download" button available in the Feedback Editor.
  • For a better experience when using the Feedback Editor from the "Translate" page, a new "Document Translation History" display option has been added to Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2. With this new option, enabled by default, the latest 3 document translations will be displayed on the "Translate" page, and will provide quick access to download and edit buttons. This option can be disabled in the Translate Settings.
  • Edited documents are retained in the Translation Queue according to the Translation Purge configuration and the translation maximum age.
  • The feedback provided via the Feedback Editor, or at segment level in the Translate UI is fully private and is not shared with Language Weaver. The purpose of the feedback is to ensure that your own secure Language Weaver Edge solution is constantly improved and is adapted based on your own AI feedback loops.

If you want to see the Feedback Editor in action, please have a look at the recorded demo available at:

We hope you’ll enjoy the Feedback Editor and the resulting feedback and improvements will make your Language Weaver Edge instance more adapted and tailored to your specific domain and content.

Thank you!