Language Weaver - Language Pairs Versions - July 2023 Update

Hi all,

We are pleased to share with you the list of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models updated in July 2023. It's also with great pleasure that we are announcing the support of two new language combinations: English to Bosnian and Bosnian to English. If you'd like to start using these, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Please note that some language pairs will only work with a specific minimum version of Language Weaver Edge. Make sure that you have the appropriate version of Edge before installing the latest version of these language pairs. If there is no version mentioned in the table below, the LP will work with any 8.5.x or 8.6.x version of Edge. 



Language Code

Latest Version

Latest Minor Version

Minimum Edge Version Required

English Bosnian EngBos 8.6 8.6.0 8.6.0
Bosnian English BosEng 8.6 8.6.0 8.6.0
French German FraGer 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.2
German French GerFra 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.2
English Spanish EngSpa 8.6 8.6.5 8.6.1
Swedish English SweEng 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.0
English Estonian EngEst 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.0
English Latvian EngLav 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.0
Latvian English LavEng 8.6 8.6.1 8.6.0
English Finnish EngFin 8.6 8.6.3 8.6.1
English Dutch EngDut 8.6 8.6.3 8.6.0
Thai English ThaEng 8.6 8.6.0 8.6.0
Korean English KorEng 8.5 8.5.6 8.5.6
Russian English RusEng 8.6 8.6.0 8.6.0

The full list of Language Pairs supported by Language Weaver Edge can be found here.