Language Weaver Edge 8.6.1 has been released

Language Weaver Edge 8.6.1 has been released

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Language Weaver Edge 8.6.1 has been released and is now available from our download servers.

This version is a patch release, including several enhancements and fixes:


  • Translate UI Enhancements
    • Add text labels to the Translate page icons for copy, download, and feedback.
    • Allow selection of multiple dictionaries in the Translate page.
    • Show the list of supported translation file extensions on the tooltip for the File Upload button, in the Translate page.
    • When the autodetected source language matches the target language, return the original untranslated document and do not report an error.
  • Auto Adaptive Language Pairs Enhancements
    • Add option to specify the Test Data used to compute the quality score for Auto Adaptation trainings.
    • Add a warning prompt if a user attempts to navigate away while a file upload is in progress on the Auto Adaptation page.
    • Allow selection of multiple Approval States in the Feedback search filter.
  • Dictionaries and Brands Enhancements
    • Add option to import new terms into an existing dictionary. The new option to "Import terms" is now available from within the Dictionary or when create a dictionary and is replacing the previous "Import Dictionary option"
    • Add an option to overwrite existing brands in the Import Brands dialog.
  • Other Enhancements
    • Merge the Progress column on the Translate page into the Status column for a more compact view.
    • Update generated Reports to format Excel cells as numbers and dates based on the column value type.
    • Improve handling of abbreviations in translation source text.


  • Fix SAML claim validation vulnerability CVE-2022-41912.
  • When using TLS, use a secure cookie to track the username.
  • Fix possible failure when downloading very large translated files (>90MB).
  • Fix crash when translating image files with the language set to auto-detection.
  • Allow non-admin user to see the Public Base URL in their My Account page when available.
  • Remove the job's UUID from the extracted files in zip translations to make the filenames more readable.
  • Show the autodetected language on the Translation Queue page even when the LP is not available.
  • Reduce the GPU's memory usage when performing adaptations that might lead to GPU out-of-memory training failures.
  • Reduce the number of active threads created by the Job Engine which may lead to thread resource exhaustion and failure, when running with many Translation Engines.

If you are already using Language Weaver Edge 8.6.0, no new license is needed and you can upgrade your existing instance directly.

If you are upgrading from Language Weaver Edge 8.5.x or earlier, a new license will be required and you can request it through your gateway account.

The Kubernetes deployment package should be updated shortly and we will post a specific announcement when new images are available on our registry.

If you have any question, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Language Weaver support team.

Thank you