Language Weaver Edge 8.6.3 has been released

Language Weaver Edge 8.6.3 has been released

Hi all, 

I’m happy to announce that Language Weaver Edge 8.6.3 has been released and is now available from our download servers.

This version includes several new capabilities, enhancement and fixes, including the Language Pair Profiles Configuration UI, Notifications for Admin and Watermark support for PDF and MS Word documents.

What's New? 

  • New LP Profiles configuration UI page
    • Allow administrators to define default models, linguistic options, labels and default dictionaries for Language Pairs
    • This option was available in Edge 8.6.2 via API only - the new UI allows LP profiles to be configured from the Manage menu in the Language Weaver Edge UI directly.
  • New notifications for Admins - banner and email alerts
    • Notification banner and email alerts can now be configured in the following cases: 
    • Edge license expiration: earing expiration - configurable number of days before expiration
    • Low Disk Space on Controller and Worker Hosts - configurable threshold for minimum disk space
    • High Memory on Controller and Worker Hosts: Show notifications for high memory usage - configurable threshold for memory limit
  • Watermark support for PDF and MS Word documents
    • Admins can now define a customized watermark (line of text) that will be automatically added to all MS Word and PDF documents translated with Language Weaver Edge
    • The watermark will be added in the footer of the document, centered and formatted as Italic.
  • New Language Pair Training Queue page section
    • The new page allows viewing of queued and in-progress auto adaptations and manual adaptations.
    • The new page is available under the Adaptation section.
  • Support for GPUs when using Kubernetes Translation and Training engines


  • Language Detection Enhancements
    • Improved detection of short segment input
    • Improved detection of mixed language input
  • Accessibility UI Enhancements
    • Improved component placement at 200% zoom level
    • Improved color contrast between foreground and background components
    • Improved keyboard navigability across components
  • Adaptation Enhancements
    • Added a button to allow manually triggering an auto adaptation for a desired LP
  • Security Enhancements
    • Validate Edge License format on upload
    • RabbitMQ data that is persisted to disk is now encrypted by default
    • All Edge databases are now encrypted by default
  • Other Enhancements
    • Improved adaptation data cleaning rules
    • Updated PDF backends for the Standard and ABBYY converters
    • Updated licensing detection to support Windows 11
    • Improved segmentation for Chinese and Japanese numbered lists
    • Add support for 'esl' language code
    • Performance optimization when exporting large Reports
    • Allow editing a SAML/LDAP users in the Manage->Users page


  • Prevent Source Area From Locking on Text Drop
  • Allow users to create duplicate feedback as long as both are not approved
  • Support Fluent Terminology for Edge Cloud
  • Fix Edge startup failure on Amazon Linux 2023 due to missing libcrypt dependency

Good to know 

If you are already using Language Weaver Edge 8.6.0, 8.6.1 or 8.6.2, no new license is needed, and you can upgrade your existing instance directly. 

If you are upgrading from Language Weaver Edge 8.5.x or earlier, a new license will be required, and you can request it through your gateway account. 

The Kubernetes deployment package will be updated shortly, and we will post a specific announcement when new images are available on our registry. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Language Weaver support team. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release!  

Thank you!