Language Weaver Edge 8.6.4 has been released

Language Weaver Edge 8.6.4 has been released

Hi all, 

I’m happy to announce that Language Weaver Edge 8.6.4 has been released and is now available from our download servers.

This version includes several enhancements and fixes, including the support of Alternative Translations in the Translate UI and Adaptation improvements.

What's New? 

  • New Alternative Translations are now available in the Translate page
    • Alternative Translations are displayed as a pop-up on the Translate page segments
    • Admins can globally enable or disable this option in the Manage > Settings page
      • Note that this option is disabled by default, and must be specifically enabled.


  • Adaptation model quality improvements
    • New Dynamic flexible adaptation for improved adapted model training
    • Increase data cleaning timeout based on the training input size
    • Minimum free space requirement required for adaptation is now 100 GB
  • Add document Watermark support for: Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, TMX, & XLIFF
  • For Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, set the proofing language on translated document to the LP's target language
  • Add character-count indicator on the Translate page and an Admin option to control the maximum allowed (default = 5000)
  • Prioritize Feedback over other dictionary entries
  • The "View Dictionaries" role permission now allows Translators to have a read-only view of dictionaries and their entries
  • Add an option to automatically start an Engine after its creation
  • Add an Edit modal option to allow edit the running mode of an existing engine
  • Set the default translation engine mode to CPU Optimized for Quality mode
  • Add Edge-Cloud modal option to allow setting the connection region: Europe, or North America
  • Add TLS certificate expiration notification option
  • Limit the disk space notification check to folders used by Edge
  • Add installer option to skip database encryption (disabled by default)
  • Add installer option to disable automatic starting of the Edge service after the installation
  • Add a profile icon on the translate page to indicate when profiles are in use
  • Allow using a profile's default Language Model as default Language Pair Model for all UI Translations (was only enforced on Auto Detect in previous versions)
  • Add new columns to the Users page to show: "Last Modified On", "Last Modified By", "Last Login On", "Last Translation On"
  • Add option to allow PowerPoint layout direction (RTL or LTR) in the global json config
  • Improve segmentation for English, German and other languages
  • Support Spanish “abreviatura dobles” for acronyms to improve segmentation
  • Language detection accuracy improvements
  • Add REST API Adaptation option to choose the data cleaning pipeline
  • Add support for the Summarizer engine on Windows (requires the Summarizer Docker container image) - Beta Preview only
  • Increase the maximum number of allowed labels to 50,000 (from 5,000)
  • Apply Theme primary color to buttons and cogwheel
  • Add configuration option to set allowable character count on the Translate page source text area
  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Improve the element reading order
    • Make buttons in all states (enabled/disabled), and tooltips, accessible
    • Make the Title, Language Pair, and Status columns tabbable In tables
    • Add field-sets to group-labels
    • Add more aria labels to UI elements
    • Align engines on the Deployments page to prevent shifting when entering Edit mode
    • Group related permissions on the Users Roles page


  • Allow use of fluent terminology when using chained LPs
  • Prevent JobEngine crash that may occur when using the Feedback Editor to modify a segment
  • Fix Excel file corruption caused by sheet names being translated resulting the breakage of their linked references
  • Allow use of Adaptive LPs via Edge Cloud
  • Delete archived adaptation when deleting the related adapted LP
  • Properly apply the "select first dictionary" option when enabled
  • Prevent hiding of the "Suggest" button for highlighted feedback entries on the Translate page
  • Apply profiles to auto-detected jobs
  • Reload SAML metadata when it changes at the IdP
  • Allow SAML uppercase usernames
  • Prevent random SAML login errors caused by improper JWT encoding
  • Fix HTML WCAG-relevant syntax errors
  • Add a button to allow navigating back from the "Edit Feedback" page
  • Improve the email transmission error messages to mention the failed sending address
  • Use a consistent naming convention for downloadable files throughout the UI
  • Prevent displacement of text on PowerPoint slides
  • Fix Edge licensing startup failure when host has an existing OpenSSL v3 installation
  • Fix blank translation result when using a local LP chained with an Edge Cloud LP
  • Security fix to remove use of deprecated UI JavaScript libraries
  • Fix high CPU usage when using an expired Edge license

Good to know 

If you are already using Language Weaver Edge 8.6.0, 8.6.1, 8.6.2 or 8.6.3, no new license is needed, and you can upgrade your existing instance directly. 

If you are upgrading from Language Weaver Edge 8.5.x or earlier, a new license will be required, and you can request it through your gateway account. 

The Kubernetes deployment package will be updated shortly, and we will post a specific announcement when new images are available on our registry. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Language Weaver support team. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release!  

Thank you!