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The browser plugins version now available

This is a major upgrade, and next to UI improvements and bug fixes, it focuses on translating dynamic content. The previous plugins did a good job on classic web pages: once a page was loaded, it could be translated in one go. Increasingly though, page content changes by using JavaScript to modify it "under the hood", without reloading a page. This resulted in untranslated text, especially for continuous translation.

Some examples for dynamic content:

  • Look at an article in eBay, and then scroll down. As you reach the end of the page, a list of similar articles is displayed that were not there when the page was initially loaded.
  • Search for a topic on, and then click on one of the filter categories: the article list gets updated, but the rest of the page is not reloaded.
  • Service-Now and similar support systems usually rely heavily on building their content dynamically from a database, without leaving the browser page.

The majority of dynamic changes are now detected and handled in the background, making the plugins much more powerful. In some cases you don't even need continuous translation any more.

Version is now available from the major browsers' app stores:



Edge (Legacy):

Edge (Chromium):