Problems when uploading projects

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Just FYI, I´m refering to case 00775674

I had a meeting with  where he explained to me how should I upload the docs in order to not go through all this problems again. It looked fine for a while, but now I am starting to have the same problems again. He instructed me, last time, about the proper way to upload the documents, however, I´m given errors now everytime I am trying to do it this way.
Moreover I have some more precise questions in order to achieve the objective, which is upload the documents so they can get the translators and those being able to open them and work with them freely.

Can´t explain either why, once I assign a project to someone in particula, if I am asked later to assign it to someone else and I do, they never receive it so it´s just like nothing was done.

I would really appreciate if I could have again a meeting with Alex Juse so we can go through it again and discuss furhher.

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