Transferring (re-assigning) a translation task of Cloud Project from one linguist to a another linguist

The case:
On Trados Team server we create a Cloud project (Trados Team) and assign it to a Linguist A.  The Linguist A opens his Trados Studio, see's the projects and Downloads teh Cloud project into his Trados Studio 2022.

He then accepts the assigned task and start translating this very large Word document in his own Trados Studio 2022.  

Then after 3 days of work he gets sick and Linguist B would need to take over and translate the document completely.

When a document is in translations, there are just two options: 
To Release Task  or to Complete the task.

The question is the following:
What does a Linguist A need to do in his Trados Studio, to trigger the synchronization of his locally translated content (for this very large Word document.sdlxliff) with the Cloud Project and to allow the Linguist B to "take over" the translation of this document, with all translated segments already populated in the sdlxliff (in Studio Editor).