TB File Conversion to TMX format - we need help

Our team is using Trados Team - and we've recently added the Language Weaver NMT to our instance. We are struggling with wanting to train the NMT with our often updated Termbase (TB) that we would export from the Trados Team. Unfortunately -- Trados Team exports TB files into file formats TBX, XML, CSV and XLSX -- but in order to train the NMT in Language Weaver the file format has to be TMX.

The file conversion software suggested we use was a plug-in called "Glossary Converter" available through RWS but according to the documentation I found Glossary Converter only works with (1) Trados Studio, not Trados Team and (2) only works on PC and not on Mac.

Does the community have any suggestions for suitable software that would convert our exported TB file to the TMX format? It's ok if the converter software would work on Mac or PC -- but preferably both. The most important thing is that it would work with Trados Team since we do not support Trados Studio at our company at this time.

(Also note, my role is a system admin for Trados Teams and Language Weaver -- and not someone who may be more familiar with the wider breadth of RWS products.)


  • Hello,

    I understand your situation and I'm here to help. While it's true that the Glossary Converter is primarily designed for Trados Studio and not Trados Team, there is a workaround that you can use to convert your TB files into TMX format. Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Export your Termbase (TB) from Trados Team into a CSV or XLSX format.

    Step 2: Import the CSV or XLSX file into Trados Studio. Even though your company doesn't support Trados Studio, you can use a trial version of Trados Studio for this step.

    Step 3: Once the file is imported into Trados Studio, you can then export it as a TMX file.

    Step 4: You can then use this TMX file to train your Language Weaver NMT.

    Please note that Trados Studio is available only for Windows and not for Mac. However, you can use a Windows emulator on your Mac to run Trados Studio.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Best regards,

    RWS Community AI