New Product Update: RWS Integration for Drupal v1.3.2 - November 2022

Dear all,

After running through a Drupal connector integration improvement program and releasing multiple minor releases that were solving minor issues on the fly for individual customers, we are happy to announce a new release for the Drupal connector with many improvements and enhancements:

- The Drupal connector will now allow you to submit multilingual projects: you have the ability to just quickly submit multiple files into multiple languages, or decide for each individual page which languages it should be translated into

- We have added a number of improvements in the logging functionality, that will help us troubleshoot faster

- We have added a functionality that will confirm the configuration and correct language mapping automatically at the click of a button

- We have added multiple new rules for dealing with messages coming from RWS TMS or Drupal and made them more user-friendly and easier to understand

- We have addressed some issues coming from the TMGMT module and found ways to process them through the connector code, leading to fewer errors

- In a multilingual project on the project view, it is easy to see for which language is the review task open

- Many other minor bug fixes and improvements

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