Product Update - RWS Integration for Relativity Server 2022 - Relativity Server 2023 - Relativity ONE

Dear Community,

We have released a new versions of the RWS Language Weaver integration for Relativity, the affected versions of Relativity are "Server 2022", "Server 2023" and Relativity ONE, please check the right version of the LW plug-in for your Relativity Environment, details in the table below:

Versions Table:

Relativity Version  Language Weaver plugin rap file name
Relativity 12.1.537.3 [Server 2022 with Patch 5] Server_LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.8.8.1.rap
Relativity 12.3.857.3 [Server 2023 with Patch 1] Server_LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.8.8.1.rap
Relativity ONE LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.7.1.5.rap

April 2024.1 Release details:

The new version for Relativity Server offers critical updates as it adds compatibility for Relativity Server 2023. For Relativity Server 2022 and Relativity ONE, the new versions offer general fixes and improvements. See the details for these releases:

Details for Server 2023:

  • Compatibility with server 2023
    • Since Relativity has released new packages for Server versions, the logic related to Relativity Import Services API was removed and instead the application now uses the new Relativity Server SDK packages hosted on Relativity Server Artifactory Feed, this to make the Language Weaver Translation application compatible with server 2023.

Details for all versions:

  • Removal of Hardcoded Extracted Text:
    • The hardcoded extracted text has been removed. Now, when a native file is sent to the translation process using the Edge API, users will be able to view the translation result in the extracted text field of the translated document.
  • Enhancements to Field Translation:
    • In the "Field to Translate" section, only long text fields containing text are listed. This improvement is specifically applicable to the Translation Request modal opened from the document viewer.

More details can be provided in the changelog documents, please get in touch with your account manager to upgrade to the newest version.