Product Update [24 April 2024] - RWS Integration for Relativity Server 2022 - Relativity Server 2023 - Relativity ONE

Dear Community,

We have released a new version of the RWS Language Weaver integration for Relativity, the affected versions of Relativity are "Server 2022", "Server 2023" and Relativity ONE, please check the right version of the LW plug-in for your Relativity Environment, details in the table below.

Please note that this is not a critical update. See release details below.

Versions Table:

Relativity Version  Language Weaver plugin rap file name
Relativity 12.1.537.3 [Server 2022 with Patch 5] Server_LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.8.1.17.rap
Relativity 12.3.857.3 [Server 2023 with Patch 1] Server_LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.8.1.17.rap
Relativity ONE LanguageWeaverIntegration_10.7.1.38.rap

24 April 2024 Release details:

The new version for Relativity Server offers critical updates as it adds compatibility for Relativity Server 2023. For Relativity Server 2022 and Relativity ONE, the new versions offer general fixes and improvements. See the details for these releases:

Details for all versions:

  • New Feature: Concurrent Jobs Limit
    • Users will now find a new field named Concurrent Jobs Limit on both instance and workspace levels in the Edge configuration page upon installation of this new release. This feature allows users to set the maximum number of jobs to execute concurrently, with a configurable range from 1 to 300.
  • Enhancements:
    • Translation processes using Edge configuration will now retrieve the value of the Concurrent Jobs Limit field. Initially, the application will check the instance-level configuration; if not configured, it will retrieve the value from the workspace level. The application will then select the highest configured value across all workspaces where Language Weaver is installed and configured in Edge.

Please note:

  • With the integration of the new LanguageWeaver Edge Translation Job Manager Agent, for Server 2022 and 2023, it is essential to ensure the creation of this agent for the proper functioning of the application under the Edge configuration. In contrast, for RelativityOne versions, the agent is automatically created during application installation.
  • The process of executing translations using the Cloud API continues to work as usual. The only change was the renaming of the agent from 'Language Weaver Translation Job Manager Agent' to 'LanguageWeaver Cloud Translation Job Manager Agent,' as this agent will now solely handle job processing under the Cloud configuration. For the application to function correctly with the Cloud configuration, the user must ensure the creation of this agent with the new name for Server versions. For RelativityOne versions, upon installing this release, the agent with the new name will be automatically created.
  • If the Concurrent Jobs Limit is increased from the default of 20, please note that it might require additional resources. Please ensure that the available resources and infrastructure is able to handle the increased load, especially when setting the Concurrent Jobs Limit to maximum (300).

More details can be provided in the changelog documents, please get in touch with your account manager to upgrade to the newest version.