Translate highlighted text only - leave other text as is (in Word)

I have a 500 page Word document where around 10 % of the text is highlighted in yellow. I want to translate the highlighted text i Studio but leave the rest untouched. The highlighted parts appear here an there throughout the document. Is there a practical solution for this?


    Yes there is an easy way forward.

    In MS Word open your "Advanced Find and Replace"

    You want to:

    1. Find all highlighted text

    MS Word 'Find and Replace' dialog box with 'Find what' field set to 'Format: Highlight' and 'Replace with' field empty.

    2. Repeat the step so that your command is saying" Find all things NOT Highlighted"

    Close-up of 'Find and Replace' dialog box showing 'Find what' field set to 'Format: Not Highlight'.

    2. By replace field, select Format and Font then enable Hidden as seen below

    'Replace Font' dialog box with 'Hidden' checkbox selected under 'Effects'.

    In summary what you then have is: Fine all content NOT highlighted and replace it with hidden

    'Find and Replace' dialog box showing 'Find what' field set to 'Format: Not Highlight' and 'Replace with' field set to 'Format: Hidden'.

    If you then complete your replace all command, you will only be left with highlighted text. This is what Studio will process on the basis that hidden text in native documents are never processed

    Highlighted text 'For highlighted words' on a white background.

    However if you wish to see the hidden text in the native document, you can adjust your MS Word display settings under File - Options - Display and enable hidden text.

    MS Word 'Word Options' dialog box with 'Display' tab open and 'Hidden text' checkbox selected.

    As you see in MS Word its clear what is hidden or not, by looking at the .... underlines 

    Text 'This is a test' with 'For highlighted words' underneath, both on a white background with hidden text indicated by dotted underlines.

    When you are done with your translation, use the find/replace in MS Word to find all hidden text and replace with unhide

    'Find and Replace' dialog box showing 'Find what' field set to 'Format: Hidden' and 'Replace with' field set to 'Format: Not Hidden'.




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