Where can I find a reference document about the SDLXLIFF format?


Can someone tell me where I can find a reference document that explains the meaning of the various elements of the SDLXLIFF format?

I need this to understand the content of an SDLXLIFF file and to be able to make minor changes to it.

My searches in Producthelp, KB and Community have so far been unsucessful. I am sure this information must be available (at least to developers).

Thanks for any hint.


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  • Hi Jesse

    Thanks for this useful link. I didn't think about going to OASIS because I expected that there would be a separate specification document of SDL due to the SDL extensions. However, the OASIS specification already helps a lot in that it gives an understanding of  the overall structure of the file format.

    And as you pointed out, the schema does not document what the SDL extensions are used for but if I need more information on this, I'll post in the developer's forum.

    Thanks a lot again and have a nice day.

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