Any coders here to fix the XLIFF export/import macro?

There is this xliff export/import macro here.  One other user reported that it does not work, and I can confirm it.

As far as I can undertand the VBA code (and I wrote a bunch of VBA macros myself), the macro fails (at least on my computer) on trying to create the XLIFF document object. I was trying to use it in Passolo 2015 Translator Edition. Unfortunately VBA programming for XML is beyond me.

I would be nice if someone could fix the code, and it would be even nicer if someone could improve it, for example mark units that are outside my split, and those that use "Unify..." as untranslatale?



  • This is an old topic, but I ran into the same problem yesterday so I think it is still of interest. Therefore I attach updated macros that can be used to export Passolo projects (.tbulic18) from Passolo Translator Edition 2018 into TMX and XLIFF files for use in e.g. Trados Studio. All credit to whoever wrote the original macros. I am no expert, my code changes are based on simple internet searches.

    Copy the macros to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Passolo Translator 2018\Macros

    Tools > Macros > Macro List, select the macro and click Run. The .tmx or .xlf is saved in the same folder as the .tbulic18.

    The original macros are available at How to Export Text from Passolo File (direct link:, but they were written for a previous MSXML version and produce errors when you try to run them. To fix the errors I just made these minor code changes:

    – DOMDocument > DOMDocument60
    – SAXXMLReader  > SAXXMLReader60
    – MXXMLWriter > MXXMLWriter60
    – Msxml2.DOMDocument > Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0

    That is all that was needed to make the XLIFF macro work.

    The TMX macro still didn't produce a valid TMX that could be imported into an SDLTM and to fix that I made these additional changes:
    – Inserted an empty <header/> tag
    – Deleted all code lines related to notes, since the original macro inserted <note> elements inside <tuv> elements which Trados didn't like. Perhaps these note elements could be moved up one level instead, as direct children to the <tu> element, but I haven't looked into that. Feel free to improve.

  • Sorry for late reply Stepan. I may not be correctly subscribed to this topic so I don't receive an e-mail if there are replies.

    Perhaps this is too late for you, but I have put the files in a personal cloud account now so hopefully they won't disappear this time:

  • Hi ,
    Things like this are never late. I managed to fix Passolo-to-XLF macro for my purposes and it works fine. Thank you. But I have no idea what to do with the other two, Passolo-to-tmx and Passolo-to-ttx. Unfortunately, your new "link is no longer available" too.

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  • Whenever I try to paste a link, it gets automatically scrambled by this platform, and the correct characters are replaced by "xxxxxx...". I don't know what to do, it doesn't matter if I paste it as plain text or create a Link and insert it as an URL. Please tell me how I can post the correct link.

    Edit: I inserted the link as an image above. I don't know why it's so complicated to paste a simple link.

    Please tell me if you received it Stepan, otherwise I'll mail to you :-)

  • The screenshot link has worked. There are 2 macros, but I don't think I ever come across ttx files again. Thank you so much! This macro (Passolo-to-XLF) saved me billions of nerve cells.