Freeform SQL search constraint

We are using WS11.4.2 and considering upgrade to the latest version. A custom automatic action was develpped by SDL to find and delete duplicated traslation units in translation memory. This automatic action uses Freeform SQL search API.

When we evaluated WS11.8 with our test environment, the automatic action failed with the following error:

Your Freeform SQL search contains an illegal term. Please modify your query and try again.

An RWS staff said this error caused by constraint of Freeform SQL search API. This API specification was changed with WS11.7 as described in the following knowledge base article.

I understand that this specification change is to prevent a security issue. Howerver, it affect a lot for our current WS configuration.

Are there any good workaround to avoid the Freeform SQL seach constraints?

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