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Intelligent Content Management for reaching employees, partners and customers​

Most organizations are siloed; marketing, sales, support all create their own cont​​ent, using their own processes, technology and KPI’s. This internal fragmentation leads to operational inefficiencies and a disjointed digital experience for employees, partners and customers.

RWS helps with technology, expertise and services. Our approach to manage content in a more intelligent way solves content fragmentation and streamlines content operations.

Tridion is the technology platform that supports this. It comprises of Tridion Sites (web content management), Tridion Docs (structured content management), Tridion Delivery (headless as well as document based content delivery) and Tridion Accelerators (speeding up implementations). Tridion allows businesses to manage their Content Supply Chains from beginning to end, delivering relevant digital experiences to all stakeholders on a global scale.

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