Exciting News: Discover the Tridion Sites 10 - Technical Delta Training Course!

Exciting News: Discover the Tridion Sites 10 - Technical Delta Training Course!

Rocket Calling all Tridion enthusiasts! We have just dropped a game-changing course tailored for those gearing up for Tridion Sites 10: the Tridion Sites 10 - Technical Delta training. Get ready to level up your Tridion expertise like never before!

Dart Who's It For?

This course is a must for decision-makers and tech whizzes who are eyeing or evaluating Tridion Sites 10, especially if you're already familiar with a previous version. Editors, don't miss out - there's plenty of new UI features to explore!

Mortar board What You'll Learn

Buckle up for a thrilling ride as we deep dive into:

  • Experience Space UI improvements and extensibility
  • Enhancements to Access Management and Add-on Management
  • Updates on performance, security, and platform support

Office How We Deliver

Whether you prefer to learn from the comfort of your office or the coziness of your couch, we've got you covered! Our experts from RWS Professional Services will guide you every step of the way, whether in-person or through virtual sessions.

Hourglass flowing sand When and Where?

This high-octane course spans a single day of excitement. If you're joining us remotely, get ready for two to three action-packed sessions filled with presentations, Q&A sessions, and hands-on experiences in our Tridion Sites 10 training environment.

Ready to Dive In?

For all the juicy details on our courses, delivery options, or fees, hit up your go-to Tridion sales rep or drop us a line at Learn@rws.com. Let's embark on this Tridion adventure together!