Hey are you signed up for Tridion info?!?

Tridion News

Hey everyone - just want to let you know that there are several ways for you to get information about what's happening in the Tridion world.  Sure, you can always reach out to your account executive but we also have some newsletters that you might be interested in.

First, head on over to the corporate Tridion Newsletter at https://www.rws.com/content-management/tridion/newsletter-sign-up/ and sign-up there. Don't worry it's not a Dr. Evil mega-spam machine - you'll just get a quarterly marketing update on what's going on in the Tridion world.

Then make sure that you're logged into the Community and check your settings at https://community.rws.com/user/settings or by click on your account:

From there make sure that in the options you allow the Community system to send you email:

The next step is to go into the Email Digests and make sure that you're signed up to get notified when things happen in the Tridion Sites part of the Community:

Don't forget to hit Save and you're done!