Part 2: A Peek Into the Future UX and UI Beyond SDL Tridion Sites 9 for Advanced Technical Users

In last week's post I introduced the new "Graphene" UI design language which we developed here at SDL's user experience design team and illustrated how it is currently being translated to SDL Tridion DX (Sites & Docs). I set the spotlight on the challenges of todays distributed digital marketing teams, typically running multiple agile content lifecycle projects in parallel, and how a new Graphene UI for Tridion Sites would benefit them.

In the second part of this design exploration story I am shifting the focus to the "enablers" of such high-performance environments: the implementers and advanced technical users who set up and run Tridion DX implementations. They are the heroes that design, develop, and maintain all those highly complex enterprise setups, integrate and connect them to all the other moving parts of the tech-ecosystem, and keep them usable for a variety of demanding business user communities. What’s in for them and how they could benefit form a new Graphene based user interface for Tridion Sites is subject of this week’s post

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