SDL Web 8 and Beyond: Thank you for Sharing!

In this long over-due post under the SDL Web 8 blog post series, instead of just explaining how you can participate in the latest versions of SDL Web, I want to thank you for your participation and highlight where to find the Web 8 and Web 8.5 posts from the last year or so.

SDL Community

See this tag cloud and related content for items tagged with SDL Web on SDL Community. Much of the recent content is focused on the latest version, so browse the following sections:

SDL Web Alchemy Store

On the SDL Web Alchemy Store, driven by Content Bloom and supported by the community, see plugins compatible with specific versions under Webstore > Plugins > (Tridion) Versions.

Tridion Stack Exchange

See questions on SDL Web 8.5 and SDL Web 8 on Tridion Stack Exchange.

Tridion Developer Summit

And of course like previous years, Robert Curlette hosted the Tridion Developer Summits which brought many of our community members to share and learn about the latest version.

I've teased and congratulated Robert on the reason behind his summits might be a personal mission of sorts. I suspect it was his way of learning all about the latest and greatest releases while bringing the positive vibes from the community together. Maybe it's simply a brilliant way of handling the stages of Tridion Grief?

Get Creative and Share More

The above are just starting places to explore or revisit. There are many ways to participate including, but not limited to Q&A, online discussions, blog posts, video recordings, open source projects, user group meetings, presentations (webinars), or even podcasts. There's still opportunities to contribute from unique perspectives and less visible roles. Take a chance and surprise the community with something different!

Did I miss anything? Do you have a favorite SDL Web 8 or 8.5 post, resource, or Q&A to share? Please share, like, and/or leave a comment. The best part of today's community is the fact it's much harder to keep up with you.