The connector to Aprimo Digital Access Management (DAM) is now available for SDL Tridion Sites 9.1. It is based on the new Tridion Integration Framework, which is an enabler for connectors to various external systems such as CRMs, Commerce systems, marketing automation tools, DAMs. 

The connector provides access to media assets stored in Aprimo DAM like images, videos, documents etc. The Aprimo connector can be used to build rich experiences on web sites using media assets centrally stored in a DAM, which can be shared across the whole organization.

 The connector to Aprimo DAM provides the following key capabilities:

  • List folders and classifications
  • List and query DAM asset records
  • List asset files (derivatives, variants)
  • View asset metadata
  • Download of asset files
  • Associate/ Unassociate a Tridion TCM-URI to/from a DAM asset

These capabilities will make it possible to do the following (among others):

  • Manage assets and content from one single interface
  • Search assets based on tagging
  • Mark asset in use by SDL Tridion in the DAM
  • Pick relevant derivative (aspect ratio, resolution etc) to optimize the content on a certain page

For more information about the connector, reach out to your SDL account managers or raise a ticket with customer support.