The new version (v1.2) of Instant Campaign is now out. It now supports DXA 2.0 among other things. This version has been closely developed together with a retail customer which has actively contributed with pull requests.

The Instant Campaign extension for SDL Tridion Sites make it possible for digital agencies to create HTML based campaigns and upload it as single-package with all campaign assets (HTML, CSS,JS, images etc). Instant Campaign is perfect for short-lived campaigns with unique experience (with specific layout, style, interactive elements) without the need to involve developers to create new CMS templates.

A summary of new features:

  • Support for DXA 2.0
  • Support for tagging of links - make it possible to tag links in the campaign HTML which Instant Campaign make available as editable content fields
  • Support for extraction of external image URLs for tagged campaign images
  • Support for image properties (when for example having ECL images with parameters for cropping & resizing)
  • Support for image alternate texts
  • Support for image variables in the tagged properties, which makes it possible to select an Tridion image and use it in a property value (for example in background image styles)
  • Performance improvements

It is available as a free add-on on SDL AppStore: (select version 1.2.0)

It is also available as open-source on Github:

Support for SDL Tridion Sites 9.0 and DXA 2.1/2.2 will come in Instant Campaign v1.3.