Today we announce the release and general availability of Tridion Sites 9.6. Together with the Semantic AI capabilities of Tridion Sites, there are lots of new features to enhance user productivity – including improvements in taxonomy, tags management, and navigation controls.

Visit the What's new page on the RWS website to learn more and download the available datasheets. 

Semantic AI

We have enhanced our Tridion platform with market-leading semantic AI capabilities – allowing companies to provide hyper-personalized, accurate search results and intelligent recommendations for all digital experiences while boosting employee productivity at the same time.

Taxonomy Space lets you create a single vocabulary across your business - a centrally managed taxonomy - and makes it available to content authors across the organization.

Smart Tagging speeds up content classification by allowing users to get tags (concepts) suggestions from the taxonomy to auto-tag individual items or a batch of selected items – improving efficiency and saving valuable time.

Semantic Search matches visitor intent to content. By using ‘concepts’, the search can locate relevant results, even if they don’t exactly match the entered search phrase. For example, allowing a user to perform searches based on partial inputs through auto-search completion and search based on synonyms.

Faceted search with dynamic filtering capabilities is also fully supported

Increased productivity for authors in Experience Space

Improvements include:

  • Users can create a folder or structure group in just a few clicks and insert multiple items (within constraints) at once into a folder. Users can quickly create and edit
  • categories, keywords, and bundles in the UI panel.
  • Users can reference the location of the published Page or Component in the ‘ View on site’ panel and display items in the thumbnail view in the item selector. This includes content items from an external repository, available through a connector – such as multimedia items from a DAM. Users can also search within the context for items by
  • name, id and description.
  • Breadcrumbs have been introduced and an option to open the Editor in a new tab. You can even open multiple Editors on multiple tabs.
  • Users are now notified of errors in batch operations in the Message Center during their session.


Translation management made easy

Users can now choose target publications/languages and send items for translation from the translation panel itself – thanks to the improved translation functionality.

Users can see translation information such as where the item has been translated from and which publications the item has been translated to.