This latest release of the Digital Experience Accelerator introduces support for SDL Tridion Docs (formerly SDL Knowledge Center). The primary purpose of version 1.8 is to enable use of DXA by SDL Tridion Docs. DXA Java's Content Delivery-side functionality can now be used to deliver structured content (conforming to the DITA standard), which is authored, managed, and published using SDL Tridion Docs. The changes are limited to support for "ISH" type URIs in addition to the TCM URI, as is used by SDL Tridion Sites.

The SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 1.8 now uses version 10.1 of the Content Interaction Libraries (CILs), which includes new functionality to support SDL Tridion Docs. For more information, refer to the latest SDL Tridion Docs (Knowledge Center) documentation.

Note: Other than differences in certain features that are available in specific versions of CIL and the Content Interaction Services (CIS), CIL is both backward and forward compatible with other versions of the CIS and with DXA.

DXA 1.8 is available for SDL Web 8 CU1, SDL Web 8.5 and SDL Web Cloud, in both Java and .NET. More details about this release are available in the online documentation.

You can download the latest DXA release from the SDL AppStore. All the sources remain open and are available on SDL GitHub.