• Global SDL Web Newsletter Q4 October 2016


    Welcome to the SDL Web Newsletter for SDL Web / Tridion, October 2016. In this edition we will share some noteworthy content picks about SDL, its customers and the broader WCM market aimed at providing insight and support for your continued digital marketing and content management success.

  • Global SDL Web Newsletter Q3 June 2016


    Welcome to the global content bulletin for SDL Web / Tridion, June 2016. In this edition your will find some noteworthy content picks aimed at providing insight and support for your continued digital marketing and content management success.

  • SDL Releases the Digital Experience Accelerator version 1.7 as an early Christmas…


    Following the release of SDL Web 8.5 yesterday, we are very proud to announce the availability of SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 1.7. This latest release introduces several enhancements, including:

    Support for retrofitting DXA on an existing CM Content Model which doesn't have unique Schema Root Element names. Using "retrofit mode", there is no problem that Schema Root Element names are not unique anymore. So while…

  • SDL Web 8.5 Brings this Year's SDL Web Cloud Updates to Everyone


    We are very proud to announce the availability of SDL Web 8.5 for on-premise customers, partners and developers, which brings multi-brand, multi-lingual and multi-channel capabilities.

    Built upon the microservices foundation introduced in SDL Web 8, and the positive feedback from customers and partners alike regarding our cloud-first approach for the product direction, SDL Web 8.5 further simplifies the deployment of…

  • SDL Releases the SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 1.6


    This latest release of the Digital Experience Accelerator introduces several enhancements, including:

    On-demand, Taxonomy-based navigation that, in addition to the existing Structure Group-based navigation, offers a new navigation based on a Taxonomy (i.e. based on Category and Keyword hierarchies). This navigation can be used "on demand", where the nodes in the navigation hierarchy are loaded when requested on an as…

  • Update to SDL Web Cloud Released (July 2016)!


    We have released our first ever product increment to our SDL Web Cloud customers. This underpins the cloud first strategy that we practice, where we bring functionality to our customers when it is ready rather than keeping it on the shelve until the complete annual release is ready.

    What is New?

    So what is available today in SDL Web Cloud and on-premises near year-end?

    • System Privileges, a new authorization concept
  • SDL Releases the SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 1.5


     This latest release of the Digital Experience Accelerator introduces several enhancements, including:

    Contextual view switching functionality which allows you to render a different View for various different devices. So you can deliver more relevant content to users depending on the device being used. It also introduces the Context Expressions module, allowing for an easy way to manage the relevant content via Context…

  • SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 End of Life Notice


    The Support Grace period for Tridion 2011 SP1 (including HR1 and HR2) will end on June 30th, 2016. No further service packs or hotfixes will be available. If these changes affect you we encourage you to upgrade your SDL Tridion suite to a newer version in order to take advantage of the newer features and to ensure your implementation is fully supported. Customers who need hotfix support for Tridion 2011 SP1 HR2 beyond…

  • What’s Ahead for SDL Web


    In the previous post, SDL Web Product Manager Bart Koopman described what's ahead for the Digital Experience Accelerator. This post covers a few more questions from the customer Webcast (webinar) about integrations, future plans, and cloud with additional background from the rest of Product Management for SDL Web.

    Integrating with SDL Web

    In addition to DXA questions, attendees also asked about good practices for integrations…

  • SDL Releases the Cumulative Update 1 for SDL Web 8, SDL Web Experience Optimization…


    The SDL Web Q1 update we previously described on SDL Community is now available as the Cumulative Update 1 for SDL Web 8. This cumulative update is a convenient and low-impact way to stay up-to-date with the Web 8 line and should be installed on top of Web 8 installations. As per our latest release policy (Web > SDL Web Product release lifecycle), we will be providing regular cumulative updates, allowing our customers to stay…

  • SDL Web - Q1 2016 Update


    I am very pleased to announce the following updates to SDL Web Products, scheduled for release on March 31st:


    SDL Web Core

    Cumulative Update (8.1.1) for SDL Web, containing the following highlights:


    • Updated Content Interaction Libraries with several fixes and performance optimizations
    • Updated Topology Manager and Content Interaction Services scripts for easier setup of environments and automated deployments with reduced…
  • SDL Web 8 - Launch webcast recording


    For those of you that missed the SDL Web 8 launch webcast we did on Dec 15th 2015, here's you opportunity to learn what's new and changed.

    We'll uncover how to:

    • Launch new sites easily and quickly with the Instant Site wizard and the Digital Experience Accelerator
    • Maximize content reuse across channels with adaptive BluePrinting®
    • Save time by cleverly connecting web and translation workflows
    • Adapt to…