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SDL Tridion Sites community review #21

Episode 21!
by Jacques Kors and Jan Horsman
What was new in the Tridion Sites community in the past two months?

Blogs and articles

"SDL Tridion Sites 9.0 Integration with SAML 2.0 Azure Active Directory"
Velmurugan Arjunan:

"SDL Releases Digital Experience Accelerator 2.1"
Rick Pannekoek:

"Tridion Upgrades - Approach and Customizations"
Robert Curlette:

"Unboxing SDL Tridion Sites 9"
Dominic Cronin:

"SDL Tridion – Upgrade Strategies"
Pankaj Gaur:

"Upgrade Strategies – Content Delivery First"
Pankaj Gaur:

"Deploying Event System Extensions in 8.5"
Paul Russel:

"Content Delivery Monitoring in AWS with CloudWatch"
Mihai Cădariu:

"DXA 2.0 Model Service timeout and retry"
Atila Sos:

"Get all Users & Email Id’s from 'Group User/Member' using Core Services"
Shalivahan Kanur:

"Visualize Published Environment in the Tridion GUI"
Sayantan Basu:

"Getting started with Instant Campaign"
Niclas Cedermalm:

"Iterating regions in Dreamweaver templates"
Anton Minko:

"Iterating regions: 'Extract Components from Regions' TBB"
Anton Minko:

"Iterating regions in .NET templates (TOM.NET)"
Anton Minko:

"Tridion and Node: What not to do"
Frank Taylor:

"Tridion and Node: Why Node is a big deal"
Frank Taylor:

"Tridion and Node: Using Node as an API"
Frank Taylor:

"Out with the old, in with the new. How will 2019 look for Tridion specialists?"
Dominic Cronin:

"Stripping out inline styles in RTF Fields in Tridion"
Frank Taylor:

"Page schemas and regions"
Quirijn Slings: