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SDL Tridion Sites community review #23

Episode 23. The 2019 MVP award winners are announced, thanks to all professionals who freely share their Tridion Sites knowledge!

What was new in the Tridion Sites community last two months?

Blogs, articles, and video
"It's Official! This Year's MVPs Announced"
Denis Davies:

"Celebrating the 10th Annual SDL Tridion Sites Most Valuable Professional Awards"
Alvin Reyes:

"SDL Tridion DX Dev Summit 2019 – India Chapter"
Pankaj Gaur:

"SDL India Tridion DX Summit 2019"
Hem Kant:

"I'm an Idea Machine!"
Dominic Cronin:

"Migrating to regions"
Anton Minko:

"Using an in-browser IDE to Explore SDL Tridion Sites 9 Public Content API with GraphQL"
Velmurugan Arjunan:

"Docker from the powershell, take two"
Dominic Cronin:

"Developing custom deployer code in Tridion 9"
Quirijn Slings:

"SDL Tridion sites 9 PCA with REACT"
Hem Kant:

SDL Tridion sites 9 PCA with REACT - Part 2
Hem Kant:

"Hybrid Architecture SDL WEB 8.5 and SDL Tridion Sites 9"
Hem Kant:

"SDL Tridion Sites 9 Content API GraphQL with SDL WEB 8.5"
Hem Kant:

"How to use the new SDL Tridion Connector framework"
Ivo van de Lagemaat and  Niclas Cedermalm:

"Java 11 and AdoptOpenJDK support for SDL Tridion Sites"
Arno van Nijnatten:

"Create Bundle & Start the Associated workflow Through Event System"
Sayantan Basu:

"Generate SiteMapXML File using TemplateBuildingBlock (TBB)"
Shalivahan Kanur:

"Generate Sitemap XML File using default functions of DXA 1.5/1.7 in Web 8/8.5 (Tridion)"
Shalivahan Kanur:

"Custom URL extension with Tridion Sites"
Neetesh Narvaria:

"Connect Tridion sites Core service with Java"
Neetesh Narvaria:

"An integrated digital experience: Breaking down marketing silos"
Rinna Pera:

"OutScale Publishing in SDL Tridion"
Hem Kant: