[Partner Solutions] bynder: New connector for Tridion Sites 9.6+

Hi all,

We have the pleasure to announce the new bynder connector for Tridion Sites 9.6+


  • Streamline the process of adding assets to sites by using approved assets from Bynder directly in Tridion Sites
  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date
  • Find the assets you need by searching through your brand portal in Tridion Sites
  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system


  • Automatic updates when an asset is set with a new version in Bynder
  • Uses Bynder CDN distribution
  • Search and browse assets
  • Filter assets based on metadata
  • Seamlessly add assets from Bynder within the Tridion Sites interface
  • All derivatives in Bynder are accessible

More Information can be found here

Tridion Sites CMS integration with DAM | Integrations (bynder.com)

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