Export termbases from SDL MultiTerm Server 2015

I am developing a small application which exports TMs and termbases stored in the SDL GroupShare 2015 Server.

The TM part was not a problem at all. But the Multiterm part is a challenge. I have the following code right now:

Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.Application oMt = new Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.Application();
Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.TermbaseRepository oServerRep = oMt.ServerRepository;
oServerRep.Location = Parameters.Server;
oServerRep.Connect(Parameters.UserName, Parameters.Password);

if (oServerRep.IsConnected)

       var oTbs = oServerRep.Termbases;

       for (int x = 0; x < oTbs.Count; x++)
          var mtName = oTbs[x].Name;
          var information = oTbs[x].Information;
         var accessPermissions = oTbs[x].AccessPermissions;

         bool canExport = accessPermissions.CanExport;

       HOW CAN I EXPORT NOW THE  oTbs[x] Termbase to a file?