Hi, there!
I'm developing Trados plug-in now, and I've encountered a problem! When I perform batch pre translation of files, that is, batch machine translation, if there are locked sentences in the file, this sentence does not need machine translation. The attribute of the locked sentence segment is not found in the TranslationUnit class in the API. How can I get whether the current sentence segment is a locked sentence segment through the code. I found that the ConfirmationLevel property of TranslationUnit can be used to obtain whether the current sentence segment has been translated. However, for the information about locking the sentence segment, find the relevant content in TranslationUnit . Please advise whether it is not in this class!
notes:The content marked in the red box in the figure below means "if the current sentence segment is a translated sentence segment, the current sentence segment will not go through machine translation". I don't know whether I wrote it right or not, please give me advice!
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