Studio 2014 CU3 (Studio-KB4947-3)

This is the first Beta install for CU3 for Studio 2014.  Installation is simple, you just save the downloaded zip to your desktop, unzip and run the msi.  This will change the build number to 3.0.3709 as show below (this is a screenshot from the windows Control Panel):

The intended release date is 11th February, and fixes in this release are as follows (no enhancements... these will be in SP1, probably later this quarter):

Number   Summary
47109   Studio 2014 CU2 API issues with missing dependencies and whitelist
47027   MultiTerm filter ignored by term recognition in SDL Studio 2014
47038   GS projects: Project settings not synchronized live from server
47000   Entities settings Silverlight page is missing in HTML 4 & 5 filters
46287   [BEGLOBAL ENTERPRISE] When a touchpoint provides more than one language variant the correct variant is not being selected
46668   DOCX: Saving target fails when adding segment comments on segments containg some tags
46803   Ctrl+F4 shortcut does not remove project from list, closes files opened in the Editor - change default to Ctrl+Alt+F4 for closing projects
46901   HTML : Conditions set to attributes do not influence the text imported in Studio
46962   Special characters may be corrupted in the new HTML filter
46987   Auto-Concordance throws exception error when there are multiple matches
47021   In several cases the new segmentation still produces empty duplicated tags
47058   XLIFF: "Display trans-unit segments with attribute translate='no' as locked content" setting does not lock the field containin…‏
47070   Incorrect order for entities inserted in the bilingual file for IDML filter 
47071   Incorrect order for entities inserted in the bilingual file for Excel filter 
47073   XLIFF : Translation is not stored in the target segments of an .xlz file
47078   HTML: "alt" attribute values are not extracted for asp files
47092   TM: Context match not resolved correctly when more than one matches are returned from the DB, as only the first one is evaluated
47100   XLIFF: Tag order and duplicated tags when processing XLIFF files
47115   WordServer Support: TM Penalties not applied if WS UI set to German (decimal separator issue)
47117   WorldServer Support: WorldServer Server TM "concordance" option disabled per default
47033   XLIFF: If trans-unit contains empty target element the updated content is not presented in translated file
47045   HTML: extra text extracted
47065   Termbase filter doesn’t work on several studio’s termbase windows
47079   Activating a 2014 time-limited license on a machine with a pre-existing 2011 license will cause the 2011 license to be lost
47110   All termbase failed searches are saved in local and server termbases
47113   Filter doesn't work on Studio's termbase view window

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