Under Community Review

PathFinder: Bookmark your favourite locations for super-quick access

The aim of this idea is to try and minimise the amount of scrolling that you have to do through a deep PathFinder structure.

My proposed solution is to enhance the PathFinder interface so as to allow the user to Bookmark locations.

The idea is that

  • the list of the 9 last used items, currently displayed via the File drop-down, would be adjusted so that a right-click on any of those items offers the user the opportunity to "create Bookmark"
  • bookmarked items are displayed as a new group in the File drop-down display
  • right-click on a Bookmark and a sub menu is displayed showing these possible actions
    - move to the job/library in the left-hand window
    - move to that job/library in the left-hand window AND open up that item
    - remove the Bookmark on that item

This would be a further enhancement to the idea that Bart has already suggested making to the functionality available to the list of 9 last used items.

Having PathFinder Bookmarks would enable you to quickly jump to frequently used items.
You could Bookmark some locations that you use frequently long-term, or perhaps to a couple of Jobs that you find yourself jumping back and forth between while some development is underway.

The 9 last used items is useful but not so much if you have opened up a number of items and the one you now want to get to quickly has fallen off the end of the list.
Bookmarks could come to your rescue!

So, if you think that Bookmarks could/would be useful then please take a moment to give it your vote.

And even if you cannot think why you would use such feature then an up-vote would be most appreciated - as both of the ideas are not taking anything away from existing PathFinder behaviour!