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Pathfinder: recent files - add right click = scroll to job/library

In the pathfinder interface you have under the 'File' a list of the last 9 divisions or specs that you have opened.
If you just click on one of these entries the system will just open that division or spec...great.
But the left hand window does not get updated to the new path - it remains at the last job or library you visited.

My suggestion is:

  • leave the current behavior as it is - click on any item of the list and that division/spec will open in the xyview/sdedit - left hand window in pathfinder does not change
  • add a right click = move to job/library - right click on any item of the list and selecting "move to job/library" would make the pathfinder left hand window scroll and select that job or library.

This would be a big bonus whenever you have a long list jobs in which you have to move from one job to another. Currently your only alternative if you want to do something else than open up a division that you had previously open (hey you might want to open up another division in that same job - or another spec - or check if a spec is local in that job ,....) is to scroll through that long list of jobs...which feels like a loss of time and effort to me

BTW this is how currently the list of the last opened files looks like:

  • Please also have a look at the bookmark idea of Paul Montgomery.
    It is a nice extension on this idea.
    So please give it an up-vote!

  • Paul,

    Excellent suggestion

    At first I was thinking to ask for a change in behavior so that when you click on an item in the list of the last used items, you would open that item + pathfinder would scroll to the parent job or library of that item.
    But I decided that it would be better to leave the current behavior as it is. Maybe some people make good use of the fact that you can open on of the previous items, without moving away from the current selection.
    Hence I decided to go for a right click submenu solution.

    Your suggestion would fit nicely into that.
    So right click on any of the item in the list of last used items would open up a submenu with the following possibilities:

    • move to job/library
    • move to job/library + open item

    It could also the place to add the following option you were talking about:

    • create bookmark

    The bookmarks would appear below the list of the last 9 items, separated with a rule
    Clicking on a bookmark would just open it.
    Right clicking on a bookmark would open up a submenu:

    • move to job/library
    • move to job/library + open item
    • remove bookmark

    PS: It is probably best Paul to enter a new idea around this bookmark in pathfinder thing.
    It gives SDL the possibility to implement either of the ideas.
    And you don't risk that your ideas get forgotten at the implementation time of this idea.

    We can always refer to each other's idea so that it is clear that they are (somewhat) connected

  • This seems like a great productivity enhancement to the interface.

    If right clicking on one of 'the last 9 opened' was to give you the option of 'move to job/library'  then it could perhaps also offer the option of combining both operations i.e. opening the item in xyview or sdedit AND moving the position in the left hand window.


    As well as see 'the last 9 opened'  the ability to bookmark a few PathFinder locations, and have those bookmarks viewable via a Quick Access list in that File drop down area,    would seem to very useful too. ..