In Progress

Add mic feature similar to Google Translate

We have users internally that find the mic feature in Google Translate to be useful. It would help to get this added to Language Weaver as it is the approved MT tool.

Screenshot of a language translation interface with dropdowns for selecting 'English' and 'Chinese (Simplified)'. A microphone icon is circled, indicating a voice input feature.

  • Hi Russell,

    Thank you for raising this idea. We are currently working on integrating ASR capabilities into our products to allow automatic processing of audio content. Once the capability is available, we are planning to enhance the UI, and allow capturing direct audio feed from the microphone so that input will be transcribed and then translated in the UI.

    From a roadmap perspective, we're planning to release ASR integration with our Edge release (on-premise) and then Cloud. It should be available in both products before the end of year. Addition of live audio capture in the Translate UI is something that we're planning for the beginning of next year.

    Thank you