Idea Delivered Partially

The ability to add gender, number and POS information to dictionary entries

My team wants to have the ability to add information about dictionary entries such as gender, number and part of speech. Maybe having this data will increase the accuracy of TM results. We have company-specific acronyms yet we may not generate enough text in each language for the MT to guess what the gender of the acronyms is.

  • Hi Marco,

    While this is not supported, we recently improved our Dictionary technology to better support inflections and offer a fluent support of terminology.

    With Fluent Terminology, you can define the non-inflected version of terms in the source and target of the dictionaries, and Language Weaver will automatically detect inflected versions in the source, and inflect the target appropriately, delivering a more fluent output.

    Below is an example for German:

    - First line is with Generic only

    - Second line is with the Legacy dictionary

    - Last line is with Fluent Terminology support

    Screenshot showing a German sentence 'Sie verkauft Muscheln am Meeresstrand.' translated to English in three ways. First, using Generic MT as 'She sells mussels on the beach.'

    Fluent Terminology for dictionaries is currently supported for the following Language Pairs:

    - English <-> German

    - French <-> German

    - English <-> Spanish

    - English <-> Danish

    We are planning to release the following Language Pairs with Fluent Terminology support in Q1:

    - English <-> French

    - English <-> Russian

    - English <-> Italian

    Asian languages are also on the roadmap for 2024.

    Thank you