Accepted, Not Yet Planned

Add new languages to existing projects

We often have the case that the same project (same files, same settings) has to be translated into additional languages. This can happen after a project is already complete or while the project is still ongoing. 

Currently I would need to create a new project with the new language, but it would make more sense (and be more convenient) to have an option "Add Language" in a project.

  • Hi Carla, this is on our list of priorities, as you can imagine we have thousands of request and need to prioritize across all our customers. We'd love to be able to deliver functionality as soon as we can, but have to handle many competing priorities.

    Adding a new language is not as trivial as it may seem, as you need to think about all the cases of Quoting, Planning, Connectors, Reporting and more, while also having different scenarios depending on where the file is in the project.

    In the meantime as a workaround, you can create a second project with the new language and use the Project Grouping functionality to still manage it as one logical unit.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding,

  • Hi   and  ,

    It's been 9 months now that Vera posted this idea and we are surprised that it's not a priority for RWS. Adding a new target locale in an ongoing project (or in a completed one) is essential in our industry, in terms of translation project management. Users of Trados Enterprise should be able to do that now. Do you have any update about that feature?

  • This would help a lot working on ongoing projects.

  • This would be very useful for us, too!