Under Community Review

A real PM role in projects

Projects are managed by PMs and now it is not a way to sort by PM or own the Project.

PM should have the rights to review the project online, create packages, upload and download files, very right without assigning the task to that person. Like a super user for that project.

Right now, if you have a problem the PM needs to: reassign the project to himself, if you have 12 files in the language that means receiving 12 emails, then when you accept the translator will receive 12 emails saying that the task is assigned to smoeone else.

Then do the task, then reassign to the translator to continue and so on with emails.

Should be a PM or Super User, or Owner or something role, so you can sort project by that person, see your own projects, reasign responsabilities to someone else and resolve technical problems without assigning to you the task.