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Also apply the Verify match value to the target term

If the Verify match value was also applied (possibly optionally) to the target term, this would greatly reduce the number of false positives (where only the "ending" differs) 

  • Hi Anthony - the challenge may be that we do a different kind of term recognition in the source segment as opposed to the target and this might play into it also, and then it would be a bigger change, but I might be wrong. In any event, when reinventing terminology in the cloud, we were keen to think about these things from day 1 and hence came up with the linguistic search.

  • But if my suggestion to also apply a match value to the target would largely solve the problem with false positives for term derivatives. I cannot imagine that this is a large change to the logic: does the flagged term lies within the weighted value?

  • I tried some time ago, but failed to register on the cloud. I will try again. 

  • Thanks Anthony - I am wondering if you had a chance yet to look at our cloud-based terminology offering. The reason I am asking this is that we have added a new type of search there called "linguistic search" - which is the new default rather than fuzzy search as we have it in MultiTerm. I believe that you will not see such false positives anymore with the linguistic search, since it will consider derived forms in a much better, more 'linguistic' way, rather than the more 'brute force' fuzzy search. Might be worth a look potentially.

  • To better describe the situation.
    If the German "klicken" with matching English "click" is defined in the TB, "clicking" will not match, although a 5/8 match value would.
    Possibly allow different match values for source and target.