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Use History for Pretranslation

Minor changes in strings cause the string to appear fully untranslated. Minor changes are for example changes in punctuation: "Hello. This is an example." --> "Hello! This is an example."

Since the string is changed and not deleted, i.e., not added to the recycle bin, pretranslation cannot find the original string ("Hello. This is an example") and mark the new string ("Hello! This is an example.") as fuzzy match.

Workaround: Export the entire project to glossaries files for each locale and use this for pretranslation of subsequent cycles --> High effort

Requested Feature: There should be an option to include the latest element in history for pretranslation.

  • This is great news, since it fixes the issue we have. This feature request originated from a support case and is obsolete now.

    Thanks a lot and best regards.

  • Such a feature doesn't really make sense with the assumption that older translations in the histories are usually worse or even wrong. There is no work-around necessary. You can simply change how Passolo handles changes in the source strings. Go to File - Options and change the following setting:

    When updating this will result into:

    The old translation remain in the entry and is tagged as a fuzzy match with the correct match rate.