This is a duplicate of the original idea:  Please go back to Progress Bar focusing on words not segments 

Confirmation statistics CONSISTENCY between Editor View, Files View and Manager (Beta) View

I am still flabbergasted (and I am not alone) and uncredulous you did a change in Trados Studio2021 you support would not address a request to go back to the statu quo ante bellum and give to all of us the choice to get the Files view indicator by Words we always have (for the sake of consistency)

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TRADOS STUDIO 2022 Term Recognition NOT working correctly ? - 2. Trados Studio - Trados Studio - RWS Community

Please make a setting in Trados Studio 2022 (NEXT RELEASE) somewhere such we can select the Confirmation statistics (Progress Display Indicator) in the Files view to be consistent to both the Confirmation statistics in the Editor View and in the Manager Beta View.

Everyone working for a living is paid by Words - not by Segments (an artificial way to split words).

The default Files View and Editor View in all Studio from 2008 to 2021 are working with CONSISTENCY by Words and the change made to Studio 2022 is unjustified and incoherent.

Thank you