Planned for Future Release

This will be addressed in a future Studio 2022 update with the option to choose between basing the progress on segments or words. More news to follow as we get closer.

Please go back to Progress Bar focusing on words not segments

  • I cannot concur more. I cringe everyday that this inconsistency still persist in Trados studio 2022. I need 3 things in my Studio. Consistency, consistency and consistency.

  • I did not really understand the issue until the project I am currently working on. Half of the segments are only made of tags. Once those confirmed, I am left with 6,000+ words to be translated, that is almost 100% of the work to do. Yet, the progress bar shows round 50 % done!

    Happy to see that issue will be soon addressed. Thank you.

  • Paul, you have a bunch of customers in this very thread complaining about a particular issue, and reasoning it quite well. Pretending that the problem does not exist, or basically saying that we as freelancers are too small to influence the decisions on the UI, is well, not great.

    Just like that blog post, which has this general idea: go dig deep in the radio menu and you will find your darn speed in kilometres per hourm, but we'll keep the speedometer as is.

    By the way, MemoQ is using progress bar based on words (and ignores locked segments for that) by default, just like any other usable CAT tool I know. And, it offers the choice of Segments, Words or Characters. 

  • The change was totally unnecessary, you can write what you want.
    Why doesn't the product manager take care of inconsistencies that have been dragged through for years? The alleged improvements that come with every paid update are definitely not noticeable for me. Give me a reason why I should update to a version after 22, or I'll do without in the future.


    Perhaps review this article -

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that the majority of freelancers work on single files, or smaller projects... note I am saying the majority as there are always going to be exceptions... so the alternatives for a freelancer are far less onerus than it would be for a project manager working with hundreds or thousands of files per project, with tens or hundreds of projects a day.

    I do not disagree that having a new option to decide how you want this shown is undesirable, but I do disagree the change should be put back as it wasn't correct before.  The decision to make this change is not mine, but as I have been unsuccessful in convincing anyone to explain why the product manager should devote valuable development time to making this optional, nor has anyone taken us up on the offer to discuss this view directly with the development team (something I'm completely at a loss to understand if this is so important), I can't see why he would.